Cinio Haf  is an annual evening  of dinner, auction and entertainment in support of The London Welsh School. This year,  it will be held on Friday evening, 1st November at The Institute of Directors. These magnificent premises in Pall Mall, designed by John Nash, will provide a spectacular setting for our fundraising event. 

Our aim is to organise a truly memorable evening  whilst raising money for, and awareness of, The London Welsh School. 

The school was established in 1958.  Consequently, we have just enjoyed a series of wonderful events celebrating its sixtieth birthday.  The London Welsh School provides bilingual, Welsh and English, education  for children aged 3-11. We are proud of its recent 'Good' rating by OFSTED with elements of 'Outstanding'.  The school has enabled generations of children to retain their Welsh language whilst their parents have been working in London. It also makes a substantial contribution to the life of the London Welsh community and provides a strong and enduring reminder that the Welsh language is a highly treasured and essential part of the cultural life of Britain. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Cinio Haf 2019. If you have any qustions, please drop us a line info@ciniohaf.co.uk


Cinio Haf 2019 in brief

18.30, Friday, 1st November  

The Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5ED

Dress Code: Black Tie optional